A Few More Tips For Dating When You Have Herpes

A Few More Tips For Dating When You Have Herpes

1)The Cold Sore

This tip is reserved(exclusively) for us gay guy, though straight men might benefit too. Please do not have oral sex with someone who has a cold sore. Some of them are very plain to see. Other cold sores are more subtle(in appearance).

You could end up catching herpes(or spreading it) if you find some on the genitals. That goes for fever blisters too.


Once again, another uncomfortable conversation, but this time it involves genital herpes. Say, for example, the person discloses they have had herpes(in the past). Have you asked them about genital herpes? You should have that conversation too.

The last thing you want is to in the middle of oral sex and notice something. It is too late(by then). You should also be tested too. It is better to safe rather than sorry.


This is definitely a no-no. You should always have sex with a clear head(no pun intended). You want to know what(and who) you are doing. I know that alcohol sometimes makes things more fun, but this is not the time to fool around. Limit the number of drinks if you are going to drink. You should never have sex intoxicated(especially when one or both of you have herpes).

4)Lifetime Partner

I know this will drive some of you mad, but you should probably not think about sex until you have a lifetime partner. It is not worth the risk otherwise. To know more read on dating site for herpes.

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